Land Clearing

Land Clearing Services

Land Clearing Services

Land clearing services ensure the removal of trees and shrubs or any woody plants from an area that needs to be cleared for different uses. If a new construction, development or expansion will be implemented in an area, then the land where the structure will be placed needs to be ready for the project. That means all the woody vegetation in the area representing the site of the project, needs to be removed.

For a proper land clearing Sydney, special equipment is needed and also experienced staff as it can be a laborious as well as a dangerous job. It also involves knowledge of the different species of trees and shrubs that need to be removed, as they will require a different approach when removed.

Professional Site Preparation

Charles Tree Services provides professional site preparation services that will ensure the land that needs to be used for a new development or construction will be thoroughly cleared of any trees and shrubs, including the roots under the ground. We know that deep roots can also cause a problem if they are not removed, depending on the scope of the project, and always make sure the site is completely ready at the start of your project.

Our specialists know which shrubs or trees have deep roots and also depending on the type of the land, how deep or spread they will be. Having this knowledge allows them to thoroughly clear the land so there will be no future complications created by an improper or incomplete clearance.

Land Clearing Services Sydney

Charles Tree Services has its land clearing services available in all areas of Sydney. Our staff members have the equipment and experience to clear small to large areas of land and even heavily wooded lands.

Our services are prompt, thorough and affordable. We also assure complete safety on the site and around the site during our work and we are also fully insured

If you need to have a land cleared of vegetation and ready for a new project, contact us at 0473 333 777 and assure the success in your first stage of the project.